Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Found this in a typography book in the library. The sense of texture created just with type is very eye catching. I will use this as inspiration for creating texture in my posters. It is a step away from the grid with spacing between body copy, yet also has that sense of control to the viewer. 


This is a typography TypeFace poster I made in Graphic Design for Advertising. The typeface is an art neuvou style, Riesling. I tried a different approach by filling in the typeface's counterforms. 

save the date

Found this also in a wedding magazine. It is a save the date example. The typewriter style font works well in a weird, different kind of way to the more art deco type font on the side.


I found this in a magazine, as an ad for a limousine company. The use of L for both luxury and limousine is interesting and dynamic in a way. I am not a fan of the texture within the stoke of the type, it sends off a tacky feel. It would look more luxurious if it was a deep color or even simply black.

brush stroke

Stokes of this flowing brushlike type. There is a definite contrast from the dark W to the light g, that gives it a sense of elegance. I wish that the type below it was smaller and a little bit more elgant, maybe a lighter tone as well. "The Wedding Issue" type is really beautiful though and reminds me of brushing with ink and water letting it naturally run out of ink as you brush the words.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tracking and Leading

I found this online at a site called ISSU.com, which features magazines. This magazine immediately caught my eye as the type was set so tight. The tracking and leading are both uncomfortably tight. It is extremely distracting to me, especially in the second to last shot of circuits. The i and s which overlap seem to have a white outline. I think it would work in second and third example, as it flows a little better, almost as a connecting element, but still is a little hard for the eye to see. While I think the intentions were good to try something new and different, it is not my style of type design. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Light in New York

This artist is really amazing, I came across this website for viewing creative videos and this artist does some really beautiful calligraphy artwork. Here is just one of his videos. The way the type has a sense of graffiti, yet also this refined and elegant oldstyle sense is different and creates something worth watching.